The Bridge Program, The Academy’s transition program,is designed to prepare young adults for life after The Academy with a focus on vocational and daily living skills coupled with functional academics.

Bridge Program:

Scaffolding of the Bridge program includes the following:

  • Discovery
  • The Academy at Morgan's Wonderland Job Center
  • Independent Employment
  • Transitioning out of The Academy

Career Awareness/Job Experiences

  • Students learn basic work related skills on the The Academy in the Job Center or the Print Shop
  • Through our affiliated partners at Morgan's Wonderland, STAR Soccer Complex and Toyota Field, our students have the unique opportunity to experience a variety of jobs in a safe and supportive environment
  • Students have the opportunity to learn work related skills through jobs sites in the broader San Antonio Community

Services offered during the program:

  • Development of an Individual Transition Plan (if not already in place)
  • Formal and Informal Assessment
  • Instruction and guidance in work and employability skills
  • Awareness of a variety of living arrangements after Monarch
  • Interagency referrals for needed services
  • Parent training/ information for parents and student to make informed decisions
  • Coordination with DARS for job placements